Chronic Disease Screening

Chronic Disease Screening

Minmed Group Pte Ltd


Chronic Disease Screening 
  • including BP, BMI, fasting venous glucose and lipids, waist circumference and administration of lifestyle and customer satisfaction survey
Health Coaching 
  • Phone/virtual coaching including WhatsApp video or zoom/MS Team calls.

Additional Requirements and Conditions to be Eligible for HPB Co-Funding 

  • Minimum 10 pax per session 
  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Singaporeans/PRs 40 years or older and not previously diagnosed with a chronic condition or screened in the last 3 years.
  • Singaporeans/PRs between 18-39 years who are at risk of chronic conditions as identified by the Diabetes Risk Assessment tool and have not been screened in the last 3 years.