Secrets of The Supermarket

Secrets of The Supermarket

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“Buy one get one free”, “two-for-deal”: distractions at the grocery store happen and that’s no accident. Supermarket is a veritable jungle, set with snares to lure even the most observant shopper into buying their products. Discover the secrets of the supermarket so that on your next grocery trip, you will be more prepared to fight against the tactics that most supermarket chains use to get you to spend more money on “extras” that you do not really need – tactics that may affect your wallet and health. As well as learning to how to shop with health in mind. 

• Supermarket psychology: Tricks and Tips
• 6 easy ways to healthier experience at the Supermarket
• Know some important definitions 
• Basics of food labels
• Go for high-nutrition, low-cost foods

Onsite session fee: $185 

Note: Co-funding amount by HPB will remain the same for both virtual and physical session. 

60 Minutes session
Cost per session$175
Co-funded by HBP $150
Payable amount$25
120 Minutes session
Cost per sessionN/A
Co-funded by HBPN/A
Payable amountN/A