Good Sleep Management

Good Sleep Management

Minmed Group Pte Ltd

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In this one-hour Good Sleep Management talk, participants will learn about the benefits of having sufficient, quality sleep and how to improve their sleep habits. The talk includes a self-assessment to identify any existing sleep problems and practical tips for better sleep, such as how to power down and create an optimal sleep environment.

Participants will also learn about the factors that lead to sleep problems, including bad habits that can interfere with quality sleep, and tailored sleep tips for different job natures such as shift work, international trading, and frequent traveling. The talk will cover common sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia and provide information on where to seek help if needed. By the end of the talk, participants will have a better understanding of the importance of good sleep and practical tools to improve their sleep habits for better overall well-being.

Onsite session fee: $250

Note: Co-funding amount by HPB will remain the same for both virtual and physical session. 

60 Minutes session
Cost per session$210
Co-funded by HBP $280
Payable amountN/A
120 Minutes session
Cost per sessionN/A
Co-funded by HBPN/A
Payable amountN/A