Introduction to Mindfulness

Introduction to Mindfulness

Empatho Pte Ltd

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This two-hour workshop on Introduction to Mindfulness is designed to help participants learn about the practice of mindfulness and its many benefits, and how a regular mindfulness practice can improve their mental and emotional wellbeing. Participants will also learn how to practice mindfulness effectively, including the techniques and resources available to support them.

This workshop is suitable for individuals who are interested in learning about mindfulness and want to incorporate mindfulness practices into their daily lives. By attending this workshop, you will gain knowledge and skills that will enable you to start a regular mindfulness practice and experience the benefits of this practice for yourself.

Onsite session fee: $480

Note: Co-funding amount by HPB will remain the same for both virtual and physical session. 

60 Minutes session
Cost per sessionN/A
Co-funded by HBP N/A
Payable amountN/A
120 Minutes session
Cost per session$456
Co-funded by HBP$280
Payable amount$176