SportPsych Consulting Pte Ltd

511 Guillemard Road #02-34 Grandlink Square Singapore (399849)

SportPsych Consulting is Southeast Asia's very first and largest sport & performance psychology consultancy established since 2006, with regional offices in Indonesia and the Philippines.

The CorporateAthlete™ Programme: The Science of Enhancing Performance @ Work is SportPsych Consulting’s signature research-based corporate wellness training programme.  It covers the essential practical strategies for consistent, high-level performance across various domains: e.g., sport, sales, business, financial trading, police, military, education, music, & healthcare applications.


  • The CorporateAthlete™ Programme
    A comprehensive training programme for enhancing workplace performance & overall well-being through
    • Mental Toughness
    • Performance Nutrition
    • Performance Fitness
  • Performance enhancement coaching
  • Psychological testing for organizations
  • Customization of profiling systems for organizations

Programmes from SportPsych Consulting Pte Ltd