FatBird Sports Pte Ltd

50 Jalan Kelichap, Singapore 534272




FatBird Sports Pte Ltd (Team FatBird) is a congregation of highly passionate fitness professionals and practitioners who are experienced in providing running, sports and fitness consultancy, programmes, events management services to corporations, organizations and institutions since 2008.

For more information about Team FatBird and its programmes and services, please visit:

The Website (www.teamfatbird.com) and Facebook Page (facebook.com/Team.FatBird). 


Team FatBird offer a spectrum of sports and exercise services from programme planning/development through to conduct of comprehensive training programmes/clinics/workshops and offering sports consultancy and marketing in the following areas:

  • Mass Group Runs & Walks
  • Running Clinics & Workshops
  • Aerobics & Dance Fitness Classes
  • Strength & Conditioning Workouts (HIIT, Circuit Training)
  • Nutrition Talks & Workshops
  • Weight Management Programmes (8-12 weeks)
  • Fitness Programmes For Seniors
  • Management of Fitness Interest Groups
  • Structured Marathon Training Programmes & Clinics
  • Marathon Pacers Training & Deployment

Programmes from FatBird Sports Pte Ltd