Winning a Thousand battles – with More Effective Conflict Management

Programme Synopsis/Outline

Before we can manage others well, we have to first understand and manage ourselves. We also need to appreciate the differences among us.

There is practical application through role-plays, interactive discussions and case studies to help participants learn how to develop a flexible approach to their communication styles and behaviour, anticipate the reactions of others, accommodate and appreciate the qualities of others – rather than focusing on the gap in opinions and views.

·         Learn the preferred communication style of each behavioral preference

·         Adjust your own communication style to get the message across

·         Understand how behavioral changes as one progress in the corporate ladder

·         Decide on your own focus area for development


* Provider will always charge the per session cost regardless of attendance. HPB will co-fund the per session cost when at least 15 participants attend the session. In the event that less than 15 workers attend the session, HPB will co-fund the per pax cost.