Strengthening Emotional Intelligence ( 2 hours )

Programme Synopsis/Outline

Success at work is no longer defined by the paycheck. It is also not about how smart an employee is, nor measured by the training or school one comes from. Companies around the world now place the emphasis on emotional intelligence. Companies value employees who can handle themselves and each other while working together. When things do not go our way, it is sometimes hard to accept leaving us with strong and negative emotions. While experiencing negative emotions is natural, it needs to be properly managed to avoid hurting others unnecessarily. Emotional management may not have been taught in school, but it is possible to improve over time. We CAN train our emotional ‘muscles’ to manage negativity more effectively. Just as physical fitness training improves physical health, emotional fitness seeks to address the ability to deal with life’s unavoidable stresses. Come and learn the strategies of improving your emotional fitness and function better at home, work and play.


* Provider will always charge the per session cost regardless of attendance. HPB will co-fund the per session cost when at least 15 participants attend the session. In the event that less than 15 workers attend the session, HPB will co-fund the per pax cost.