Programme Synopsis/Outline

It is a one-hour non-stop workout to Kpop hit music. It incorporates simplified MTV moves, yet retaining the original feel of each song which is distinct with different mood, style, and movements. It is combined with a variety of fitness and dance elements – Aerobics, Kickboxing, Hip Hop, Pilates, HIIT and Yoga. For example, Kpop + Kickboxing for 1 song, Kpop + Hip Hop for another. It is fun, engaging and highly intense.

It is suitable for participants of all ages, with or without dance background. The intensity can be varied according to individual preferences, which will be briefed and taught on how-to on the first lesson. For example, participants with knee problems can change the jumps to tip toes instead. For brand new classes, our instructors will go through the movements and coordination of each song first, before dancing non-stop to the tracks. This ensures that the participants will not feel lost or stressed trying to follow the dance steps. By the third session, they will be ready to hit it non-stop for the whole hour!


* Provider will always charge the per session cost regardless of attendance. HPB will co-fund the per session cost when at least 15 participants attend the session. In the event that less than 15 workers attend the session, HPB will co-fund the per pax cost.