Effective Stress Management for a Happy Work-Life Balance

Programme Synopsis/Outline

Stress is a normal reaction to the demands of everyday life.  A certain amount of stress can be beneficial, as it may motivate us to get through situations such as work deadlines.  However, if stress lasts too long or is excessive, it can have negative effects on our physical and psychological well-being.

While some stress is normal and even positive, excessive levels of stress can negatively affect a teen’s physical, social and emotional well-being.

The good news is that stress can be managed in various ways.  In this interactive and experiential workshop, participants will learn practical tools to manage their stress better.  The following areas will be discussed:

·          What is stress?  Is stress always bad?

·          Identifying the sources of my stress

·          Recognizing the symptoms of stress

·          Helpful tools to cope with stress effectively

–                Identifying and challenging cognitive distortions

–                Deep breathing

–                Progressive muscle relaxation

–                Problem-solving skills


·          Importance of self-care

When and how to seek professional support


* Provider will always charge the per session cost regardless of attendance. HPB will co-fund the per session cost when at least 15 participants attend the session. In the event that less than 15 workers attend the session, HPB will co-fund the per pax cost.