Providing Effective Support: Introduction to Helping Skills 101 (Part 1 of 2)

EmpathyWorks Psychological Wellness

Programme Synopsis/Outline

Most people think that helping skills are something to be reserved for mental health professionals. In reality, basic helping skills are very useful for the workplace, where work and various personal challenges can affect the well-being of individuals. We do not need to be a trained social worker or counsellor to have basic helping skills. Appropriate help provided to a co-worker who is in need of emotional support is important to alleviate negative emotions, and help prevent the problem from further escalating.
This interactive workshop aims to introduce team leaders to basic helping skills in providing support.

In the first part (1 hour) of this workshop, following will be discussed:

  • Challenges at the workplace
  • Introduction to basic helping skills
  • Attending and listening skills
  • Responding and questioning skills


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