Stress away in a fun way: Emotional eating

ProAge Pte Ltd

Programme Synopsis/Outline

Everyone has different stress triggers. The accumulated stresses of everyday life can damage health in irreversible ways — from early aging to heart problems to long-term disability. In this session, participants will learn how stress affects health, how stress contributes to weight gain and emotional eating.

Benefits to employees
Participants learn about the stressors that trigger their emotional eating habits, learn how to make healthy swaps in their diet practices that helps them keep healthy and how to build up on self-esteem through positive cognitive reframing.

Key activities

  • Group discussions on strategies/coping mechanisms to avoid emotional eating.
  • Introduction towards mindful eating and proactive questioning of whether the body is physiologically hungry or “feel” hungry.
  • Facilitating deep breathing (5mins) as a strategy to cope with stress that leads to emotional eating.



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