Know your risks

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Programme Synopsis/Outline

Many received their health screening results and do not have options or ideas on what they could do to bring down the different risk markers. Avoiding the stigma of post-health screening to be a dreadful visit to the doctor, we use fun, practical and non-intrusive ways to help participants learn simple healthy habits that would transform your life in the long run and walk away with a health plan, which you could include in your life right away.

Benefits to employees
Participants will gain awareness on how to interpret their results, understand the implications of obesity and chronic diseases (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes) as well as the options available after screening to manage and control conditions.
Key activities

  • Calculation of BMI and understanding one’s risk factor
  • Identify the different high fat food sources (Trans and Saturated fat) to improve one’s health
  • Find out the different motivation sources to improve health


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