Stay Healthy with nBuddy – Platinum

Verita Healthcare Group Ltd

Programme Synopsis/Outline

“Stay Healthy with nBuddy – PLATINUM” is a digital based solution combined with a Health Kit which includes a blood pressure monitor, a glucose monitor with 50 strips/lancets and a Bluetooth™ body scale. The programme helps individuals with pre-diabetes and diabetes condition manage high blood sugar by promoting healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and positive behavioural change. The 12 weeks programme offers a friendly real-time monitoring of daily calorie intake, carbohydrate and sugar intake, weight and blood glucose monitoring. The perfect solution for pre-diabetic and diabetic individuals.
The programme provides digital health support for all the participants who are staying at home during the COVID-19 crisis. Health coaches and specialists will engage with the participants in the privacy of their home in order to reduce the stress and enhance the quality of their life.


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