Health Outreach Programme Pte Ltd


Health Outreach Programme Pte Ltd


Launched in 2005 to provides affordable on-site health screening, our initiative reaches out to the collective community to advocate healthy workplace practices.
Through our Outreach, we have:
▪ Screened many MNCs, government Institutions and SMEs
▪ Provided intervention & coaching to the masses
▪ Built a trusted working relationship with our customers
▪ Become a reputable Health Screening specialist

Have our dedicated teams conduct health screening at your premises. This convenience will translate into significant cost savings and productivity gains for both your company and employees. A healthier workforce brings increased work efficiency and productivity through better staff morale and lower out-patient costs.
Through onsite health screening, you can create a positive environment with a focus on employee well-being and build upon effective organisational workplace practices.
Onsite Health Screening includes the following:
• Fasting Blood Glucose
• Full Cholesterol Panel
• Triglycerides
• Blood Pressure
• Personalized medical report fully interpreted
• Health coaching session


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